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About our Shaman

About our Shaman Darren Poh Initiated as a shaman of Rainbow warrior tribe, which has its roots from Lakota tribe. The word “rainbow” refers to a dream for all tribes to unite as one, just like uniting all races of humanity (white, yellow, black, brown) Darren also has its roots as a Taoist shaman, where we talk about alchemy, healing, 易经,奇门遁甲, 8 immortals, etc. Darren is also initiated as a magickian. When we talk about magick, we are also referring to those childhood tales of dragon magick, runes magick, faeries magic. Other than the esoteric and metaphysical side of things, Darren is also a physicist, a mathematician, engineer, programmer, life coach, composer of more than 30 songs, author of 3 books, trainer and program creator for more than 20 types of human healing/ development programs. With such extensive knowledge, he can use a huge range of information to understand about your past, present and future life. This includes the way you walk, how you look like, how you write, the way your bedroom looks like and etc. This includes increasing the intellectual intelligence, emotional intelligence, aptitude of one’s life and many more. Why do we need to cleanse our crystals?

Crystals are powerful tools for both magnification of energy and absorption of energy. We constantly produce negative energy from the traumas stored in our bodies. We are also often in contact (and perhaps entangled) with negative energies that exist outside of our bodies. Crystals take in these negative energies and once filled to saturation point, it can no longer contain and thus will be unable to function its role well. So, if you wear an amethyst for healing your emotional energy, you certainly would not want one that has accumulated negative emotional energy and its now dripping back into your energy field. The worse thing is to take in negative energy that does not belongs to you, or is cursed. Therefore, we all have to be responsible and cleanse our own crystals, to release your negativity fully, transmuting our own negative feelings. The crystals that you get from us have been cleanse in special solutions and via different elemental forms. *A rose quartz journey (Why you need to cleanse the crystals that you get)* Let’s imagine a rose quartz: this crystal has taken 2.8 million years to evolve (yet, remember, some can grow in mere weeks) to the point of discovery and birth from the earth. At the point of birth, the rose quartz has living energy but is dormant, and yet it will still radiate great positivity as it is newly freed from the purity of its connection to the earth mother, who has created it. There is sadness too, because those involved in this part of the crystal’s life are frequently “nonknowing” in matters of energy and do not understand what they do. They have no respect for the beauty and sensitivity of the wonders of the earth, nor respect for the earth mother’s manifold gifts of healing and nurturance. This particular rose quartz travels far, not usually in energy-sensitive circumstances; it is loaded, bundled, thrown, hacked at, hewn by sand and water, polished, sometimes carved, either well or grotesquely and inappropriately to the majesty of its being. The rose quartz reaches a local warehouse in Brazil, for example, and is purchased by, let’s say, a dealer from England. The rose quartz then continues its journey, traveling unceremoniously again across seas and roads, even by air, until it reaches the UK wholesaler, who then sells it on to the retailer. Imagine how many negative energies have attached themselves to this “new baby” rose quartz, freshly hewn from the earth; it is not hard to imagine that on a scale of 1–10, many people handling this new crystal would be of low positivity, perhaps even quite negative. Now imagine, if your crystals have been used by someone else before, probably for healing, or even decoration purposes (they still take in negative energies in the surroundings or upon contact)

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