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About Crystals

Crystals or gemstones as we know, are part of the mineral kingdom. They are part of the ecosystem working together with plant kingdom, animal kingdom and the human race. As such there are many support and uses for minerals, including manifesting physical side of things such as our muscles, tissues, bones. On the metaphysical side of things we are looking at energies of healing, health, peace, abundance, wealth and many more. Crystals are thus one of the most earliest naturally born technology, with appearance dated as early as 50,000 years ago and in recent thousand of years in the Churches too. Crystals like us human beings need to be “awakened” in order to bring out the potential of its abilities. It is also noted that they can grow more powerful just like us. There are many powerful uses and rules around the use of crystals which we will share more with our clients. Basically if you been following us, you will see a lot of wonderful testimonials from our past clients.

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