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About our Shaman

Darren Poh

Initiated as a shaman of Rainbow warrior tribe, which has its roots from Lakota tribe. The word “rainbow” refers to a dream for all tribes to unite as one, just like uniting all races of humanity (white, yellow, black, brown)

Darren also has its roots as a Taoist shaman, where we talk about alchemy, healing, 易经,奇门遁甲, 8 immortals, etc.

Darren is also initiated as a magickian. When we talk about magick, we are also referring to those childhood tales of dragon magick, runes magick, faeries magic.

Other than the esoteric and metaphysical side of things, Darren is also a physicist, a mathematician, engineer, programmer, life coach, composer of more than 30 songs, author of 3 books, trainer and program creator for more than 20 types of human healing/ development programs.

With such extensive knowledge, he can use a huge range of information to understand about your past, present and future life. This includes the way you walk, how you look like, how you write, the way your bedroom looks like and etc.

This includes increasing the intellectual intelligence, emotional intelligence, aptitude of one’s life and many more.





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