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Our Story

In 2020, I chanced upon crystal bracelets on Instagram. I decided to buy 2 bracelets from a seller. But after receiving the bracelets, I realised the quality of the crystals were below my expectations. 


Feeling shortchanged, I went to do extensive research and learnt a lot about the different types and grades of crystals, the healing properties, how to match specific crystal types for different people etc. 

At the same time, I got to know a Shaman. He taught me a great deal about crystal healing & meditation.  I also benefited from the crystals that he cleansed and programmed for me. I had emotional healing, heightened mental clarity, career prospects as well as other benefits.​


With encouragement from our Shaman, I decided to launch BFF Crystals ( now known as SplendorbyBerniec ) with the intention to share my knowledge and create a community of crystal lovers so that they can learn more about crystals, gemstones, crystal healing, meditation and also purchase quality crystal accessories.


I decided to embark on this journey to provide affordable and quality crystals to fellow  crystal lovers. Hence, please feel free pm me if you have further queries and also to exchange knowledge on this topic. Cheers! 

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